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Number of higher education students down 22%

While the share of higher education graduates has increased to 34% in Hungary, the overall number of students in higher education has fallen 22% compared to the 2000s, news portal reported.

In terms of the European Union, there is still a 7% gap compared to the average of the 28 member states.

According to a recent study by Engame Akadémia, some 13,000 Hungarian students pursued education in foreign universities last year, 12% more compared to 2017. The most popular target countries remain Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The number of foreign students coming to Hungarian universities grew dynamically, meanwhile, according to Hungary’s Central Statistical Office (KSH). Their number has doubled over the past eight years from 15,000 to 31,000, reaching 16.9% of the total.

Most foreign students come from Germany, but China, Iran, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey are also among the top sending states, reported.



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